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Makeovers in Cosmetic Denture Dentistry

Extreme Makeover Prosthodontic Custom Dentures Extreme makeover dentistry is available just about everywhere... offering discriminating patients a wide variety of procedures, dental technologies and state of the art dental components that are used by true dental artisans for creating or recreating almost any degree of cosmetic result desired.

Dramatic Premium Denture Dentistry

Many denture wearers and candidates for denture dentistry do not have access to the more traditional makeover procedures that we have all become familiar with. For obvious reasons, denture wearers are not candidates for porcelain veneer makeovers, laser based teeth whitening, all porcelain crowns, all porcelain bridges, titanium - zirconium abutment implants and laser based gum treatments producing melanin free pink gingival tissues.... to name just a few.

Extreme Denture Makeover Photo

Seeking the Makeover Experience

The cosmetic goal of having a true hollywood celebrity style smile nonetheless is desired by many discriminating patients who are limited to the best that denture dentistry and advanced prosthodontics can provide.

Herein lies the problem. There are comparatively few denture dentists who have made the investment of time, resources and creative energy for delivering cosmetic and functional outcomes that go far beyond the expectations of "normal dentures."

These prosthodontic wizards are very few in number and possess a solid track record in delivering uncommon esthetics for their patients, regardless of cost. Patients lucky enough to undergo treatment plans developed by these artisans have acquired the cosmetic and functional outcomes believed impossible to attain.


Extreme Denture Dentistry

Realistic Hollywood Celebrity Style Makeover Dentures Finding a dentist or prosthodontist who provides the makeover experience via the design, fabrication and fitting of premium dentures is difficult.

As with any focus area or specialty within dentistry, artistic talent and flair is usually a function of experience rather than formal training alone.

Determining what a basic standard would be for this area of dentistry is probably impossible to define. Doctors possessing the skills and creative eye to develop unique dentures, as seen on this page, probably exceed most known standards.

Makeover Dentures vs Denture Clinics

The field of dentistry, with all of it's specialty areas and non-certified special focus areas, provides a variety of treatment solutions for practically any dental need. Denture Clinics offer a "solution set" that is quite effective at restoring cosmetic appearance with reasonable dental function for patients with little or no complicating factors.

When the patient's goals exceed the qualities of materials, cosmetic result and dental function routinely provided by denture clinics, a more specialized resource must be used. A custom solution.

Most Dentists who possess a craftsmanship in custom prosthodontics typically require 2-5 months for completing the total treatment plan. Principles of diagnostics and component fabrication follow successful methods established by Dr. Earl Pound and Dr. Jack Turbyfill.

Some of the more time consuming activities of the dentist include assessment of speech, overall esthetics, occlusal relationships (bite analysis) and intensive use of impressions with a training denture that provides the basis for a prosthodontic fit for assuring long term health of oral tissues.

Custom Solutions are Resource Intensive

Special solutions to unique problems in dentistry require special skills and are typically time intensive and resource intensive. Patients seeking this degree of prosthodontic dentistry can expect to make an investment of resources that might exceed what is normally required for routine dental care.

Informed Decision Making

All prospective patients, when evaluating a dental care provider, should inquire about specific technical skills, creative talent and evidence (before and after photos) of a doctor's most creative and successful treatment solutions that approximate the patient's unique interests. Objective information is necessary for making the best informed decision possible.

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